Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

When you've been arrested for a crime, the protection of your legal rights and the mounting of a good defense are top priorities. The earlier you involve an attorney in the legal process, the better chance you have of getting out in front of the charges against you. By working with a skilled, dedicated criminal defense attorney from the moment of your arrest, you will have someone to guide you through the stressful, and sometimes confusing, legal process, potentially avoiding a trial and a conviction.


Deportation Defense

Many immigrants dream of achieving United States residency or even citizenship, but this dream is often cut short by deportation proceedings. Aspiring residents can be deported for a number of reasons; many are deported after being charged with seemingly minor misdemeanor crimes. Others overstay their visas or enter the country illegally. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding deportation proceedings, it is very important for those at risk of removal to work with a respected immigration lawyer such as Martin L. Roth, P.A.


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