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Deportation Defense

Many immigrants dream of achieving United States residency or even citizenship, but this dream is often cut short by deportation proceedings. Aspiring residents can be deported for a number of reasons; many are deported after being charged with seemingly minor misdemeanor crimes. Others overstay their visas or enter the country illegally. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding deportation proceedings, it is very important for those at risk of removal to work with a respected immigration lawyer such as Martin L. Roth, P.A.

Working With a Deportation Defense Attorney

Deportation defense attorneys fulfill a variety of roles. In addition to representing clients in immigration court, these attorneys serve as educators, clueing clients in on the finer points of immigration law. Many clients do not realize that they may be eligible for multiple types of relief. For example, waivers for criminal grounds of inadmissibility are offered for immigrants who have committed offenses that are purely political. Waivers may also be available for those who have been convicted of marijuana possession or who have not been involved in criminal activity for fifteen years.

The ideal deportation lawyer has a background not only in immigration law, but also criminal defense. Many immigrants are deported as a result of immigration charges, so it is very important to work with somebody with a thorough understanding of both practice areas. Martin L. Roth has an impressive background as a criminal defender; he uses his understanding of the local criminal justice system to help clients who have been accused of committing crimes avoid deportation.

Martin L. Roth, P.A.: Trustworthy Handling of Deportation Cases

A knowledgeable lawyer, Martin L. Roth possesses a thorough understanding of immigration law and its application in the state of Florida. Over the years, the deportation defense lawyer has handled a wide array of immigration cases, including those involving criminal matters. Martin Roth understands just how high the stakes are for his valued clients, and as such, is willing to take great lengths to ensure that their deportation cases are successfully resolved.

The best way to avoid deportation is with a talented and passionate attorney at your side.

Contact Martin L. Roth to learn how you can bring your current deportation case to a close and move on with your life in the United States.


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